InstaCaliper: Digital Caliper

Calibrador electrónico automatizado para la gestión de inventario de guarderías

Inventory has never been easier – get rid of those old calipers! On a date inventory has never been easier – get rid of those old calipers! The InstaCaliper electronic caliper is an easy-to-use tool for inventory management in the field. When the measuring head slides past a tree trunk, InstaCaliper instantly calculates the diameter or circumference using state-of-the-art sensor technology.

After sliding the InstaCaliper around a tree, 2nd Sight's rugged handheld computer (RHC) displays measurement information via the TallyTrak app. The RHC records each measurement with a date, time and GPS location. You can tag the measure with other information such as variety, field, row, and degree.

2nd Sight's InstaCaliper system allows you to customize data collection. Define measurement ranges and link them to a color for easy identification and fewer counting errors. Record tree diameters, circumferences or heights with the TallyTrak app. Count different plants of the same size quickly and easily. Reject multiple calibrators to correct errors in the field.

Using Wi-Fi, the RHC synchronizes field data with a secure 2nd Sight server. View data in a web portal and download data in CSV (comma separated values) format for import into Microsoft Excel and other software packages. Set a date range and other filters and run reports to show your inventory numbers.

InstaCaliper is the U-shaped measuring head that connects to 2nd Sight's TallyTrak child inventory app via an Android-based device. Use InstaCaliper to measure plant diameters or circumferences without bending or bending.

The InstaCaliper measuring head comes in three sizes (50mm, 100mm or 150mm), giving you flexibility in managing nursery inventory. Tag your data with any information you consider important.

Using the measuring head and the simple TallyTrak app, you can measure and count your tree inventory. Then, using our web portal, you'll be able to see your inventory at a glance. Data reporting makes our system compatible with eGrow, Growpoint and SBI inventory systems.

  • Obtain accurate trunk diameter measurements quickly and easily

  • Measure and record data in less than 4 seconds

  • No more bending or kneeling

  • Adjustable and ergonomic design for worker comfort

  • Electronically recorded data reduces errors

  • Sort and grade material on the go

  • Label each measurement with important information such as variety, block, and row.

  • Easily sort inventory

  • Easily maneuver measuring devices in tight rows and under low branches

  • Download data anywhere

  • Maintain searchable, detailed and organized records

  • Use GPS data to generate field maps

  • EU model configured to measure at chest height

Measure and count:

  • Fruit and nut trees

  • Ornamental trees

  • Ornamental shrubs

  • Trees, bushes and bushes planted in the field

  • Containerized Plants, Shrubs and Shrubs

InstaCaliper/TallyTrak App

  • Intuitive Android-based application
  • High contrast buttons and icons
  • Voice and audio indicators.
  • Simple multiple "Reject" function
  • Automatic updates from Google Play Store
  • Toggle from millimeters to inches
  • Manual entry for larger diameters
  • Five personalized lists of information

Rugged Handheld Computer (RHC)

  • Rugged touchscreen computer for outdoor use
  • Water and drop resistant design
  • Robust, sunlight-readable LCD display
  • Up to eight hours of battery life
  • Interchangeable battery
  • Integrated RFID and barcode scanner
  • Ability to run other 2nd Sight applications
  • Run the InstaCaliper tree caliper app

InstaCaliper Automated Caliper Head

  • Measure tree diameter with ease Trunk circumference mode
  • Gauge accurately within +/- 2 mm (5/64”)
  • Robust and waterproof design for field use.
  • Adjustable shaft and arm cup
  • Built-in rule for approximation
  • EU model accessory available

InstaCaliper 50

  • Measures log diameters from ~5mm (3/16") to 50mm (2")
  • Measures trunk circumference up to ~157mm
  • Caliper accuracy of +/- 1mm

InstaCaliper 100

  • Measures log diameters from ~8mm (5/16”) to 100mm (4”)
  • Measures trunk circumference up to ~314mm.
  • Caliper accuracy of +/- 2 mm (5/64”)

InstaCaliper 150

  • Measures log diameters from ~10mm (3/8”) to 150mm (6”)
  • Measures trunk circumference up to ~471mm
  • Caliper accuracy of +/- 3 mm (1/8")