QuickPick: Fast Piece Rate Counter

Electronic Punch Card Labor Tracking for Fast-Paced Piecework

Pay by the bucket or piece? Fast-paced picking? The QuickPick is your mobile labor tracking solution that offers you a way to electronically record employee attendance and performance in the field to evaluate productivity and run payroll.

Set an increment, and the QuickPick tallies with the touch of an employee badge. Not only does the QuickPick track piece rate activities, the app is a mobile time clock that records hours worked. To meet legal requirements, employees can print receipts for their records.

Record other custom information about the task such as crop variety and location. With any 2nd Sight product, you’re getting robust hardware, flexible software, and powerful data.

The QuickPick is a labor management tool that gives credit to piece rate workers in seconds. Forget the punch cards and paper! This is a hardware and software solution that will save your accounting/bookkeeping staff time, increase picker productivity, and save you money.

Labor Tracking App for Fast-Paced Piecework

The QuickPick system was designed to accommodate the fast-paced fresh tomato harvest. When pickers fill a bucket with 60 pounds of tomatoes in a minute and a half, a system must be fast.

There was a bottleneck in the process: card-punching. The QuickPick improved the process by increasing efficiency out in the field by removing this bottleneck, and increasing efficiency in the office by automating data entry.

The FlexHub is an integrated electronics box designed for portability and durability. The external badge reader makes scanning fast. Pickers have the option to print a receipt after every scan, or wait to print a totals receipt upon clocking out. The thermal paper is a standard size that eliminates the need to replace toner or ink. The FlexHub's battery powers the entire system for a full day's harvest--no need to swap batteries in the RHC (Ruggedized Handheld Computer).

Every component in the system was designed and selected for harsh, outdoor environments—like tomato-picking in California. Employees use sturdy RFID cards that are programmed with their names and employee ID numbers. The FlexHub can even read these badges through the hinged cover on the box.

To configure the system for harvest, a crew boss or field manager scans his/her badge to select the custom task and lists such as crop variety and field location. Then, he/she sets the increment to credit an employee with each badge scan. Another great feature is the minimum scan interval that prevents "double-scanning." If you know it takes at least one minute to fill another container, set the interval to 60 seconds. When an employee scans within this interval, an error message flashes on the screen and prevents the employee from cheating.

Pickers like the system because they get to see a cumulative total for the day on the app screen, they can print a record for each day’s work, and they no longer wait in long lines for punchers to give them credit. The QuickPick app is intuitive, designed for ease-of-use in outdoor environments where every second counts for a piece rate worker.

Not only will your employees like it, your office staff will enjoy the benefits of electronic payroll data. The QuickPick records accurate clock in and out times for rate calculations plus detailed information about the piecework performed. No more counting punch cards and manual data entry every day of harvest. On the Customer Portal, select a date range and run the Standard Pay Period report to receive totals hours, counts, and piece wages per employee. Hours of manual counting and data entry are cut to a few clicks of the mouse!

The QuickPick is your answer for increased efficiency in piecework operations. With faster, electronic data collection, and better data, evaluate and improve workforce productivity in the field and greatly decrease accounting and bookkeeping hours in the office.


  • Simple, paperless, and accurate data for payroll

  • Searchable, digital records

  • Use existing payroll software

  • Mobile time clock

  • Reports calculate hours worked

  • User-created Tasks and Lists

  • Employee receipt printing

  • GPS coordinates confirm picking locations

  • Generate yield maps

  • Evaluate employee productivity

  • Year to year comparisons for Improved operations management

  • Quick and wireless data upload

  • No expensive data or cellular packages required

  • Real-time data capabilities with purchased cellular data package

  • Integrates with other 2nd Sight products

Legal Compliance

  • Reports calculate piece rate pay, flagging employees who do not meet minimum wage.

  • Tracks and records rest breaks, lunch breaks, and active hours worked.

  • Uses Cloud data storage for long-term recordkeeping.

For Pickers

  • Use sturdy RFID cards instead of flimsy punch cards or unreadable barcodes.

  • Register produce picked with a quick tap of the employee badge on the reader.

  • Eliminating the punch card bottleneck results in more time to work and earn more money.

  • Have the option to print receipts in the field and receive end of day receipts for their records.

For Crew Bosses/Foremen

  • Can focus on produce quality versus punching to ensure that pickers are properly handling the produce.

For Bookkeeping & Accounting Staff

  • Eliminate the hassle of organizing, reading, and entering information from punch cards at the end of each day.

  • Download Pay Period Reports in CSV format from the Portal to import into existing accounting and payroll software.

  • Search digital records at a later date to easily resolve pay disputes.

For Owner/Operators

  • Pay pickers for a precise number of logged pieces.

  • Create trust and transparency between pickers, crew bosses, and owners for a positive work environment to reduce staff turnover.

  • Use with current payroll software.

  • Meet labor standards with electronic time clock records.

  • View the Daily Report to get Total Wages, Total Weight, Total Hours, Average Pay Rate, and Average Wage calculations each day.

  • Easily generate reports to compare crop yield and other harvest data from year to year.

  • Create GPS yield maps using time and location data.

  • Reduce harvest operating costs, improve crop quality, and increase the bottom line--for many growers, a one-year ROI!

Record Pieces in Seconds

  • Hand-picking of fruits and vegetables

  • Warehouse tasks

  • Packing house activities

  • Greenhouse operations

Record Credit for

  • Lugs

  • Buckets

  • Totes

  • Plants

  • Bins

  • Containers

Ruggedized Handheld Computer (RHC)

Ruggedized, portable computer that runs the QuickPick App.


  • Water and drop-resistant design

  • Robust, sunlight-readable LCD touch-screen

  • Compatible with other 2nd SIght apps

QuickPick App

Android-based app that collects employee hours and piecework data.


  • Intuitive

  • Auto-sync

  • High-contrast buttons and icons

  • Audio/visual indicators

  • Automatic app updates

  • Spanish translations

  • Record variety, location, and other harvest information

Registration Station App

Software download for a Windows-based computer that assigns employee RFID badges.


  • Use your own Windows-based personal computer

  • Plug the RFID Reader/Writer into any standard USB port

  • Download the app from the Portal

Customer Portal

Secure, user-friendly website where growers manage employees, tasks, lists, piece rates, uploaded data, reports, and other settings.


  • Import Employee lists to save time

  • Set and change piece rates

  • Add additional Portal users with different admin roles

  • Easily filter data

  • Set a custom pay period

  • Download standard and custom reports in CSV file format

  • Edit entries and keep an audit trail