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Better Solutions     
for the     
Ag Industry     

Helping Growers Track Labor and Inventory

Robust hardware

Equipment designed for tough environments

Flexible software

Labor tracking and inventory management solutions

Powerful data

Digital data and reports at the click of a button

User-friendly software with a focus on simplicity

Customizable software adapts to farms and other operations of all types and sizes

Reliable hardware and software for tough environments


Pay by Weight

Field scale time clocks. Employees clock in and out with a badge scan. Link weight, variety, and location to pickers.

Pay by Piece

Digital timesheets and punch card apps. Record work time and piecework jobs with a badge scan.

Pay by Hour

Time clock apps. Track employee work time anywhere from the packing house to the field.

“Streamline the harvest process and payroll process that saves time and dollars.”

-- Curt Muyres, Tampa, FL

Save Money

Save Money

Decrease labor costs

Data-Driven Decisions

Data-Driven Decisions

Accurate, automated reports

Increase Profits

Increase Profits

Quick return on investment

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Human Resources

No manual data entry

Automated reports

Payroll accuracy


Barcode/RFID scanning

Easy implementation

Date/time stamps

Legal Compliance

Searchable records

Employee receipts

Audit trails

Field Operations

No punch card bottlenecks

Fewer disputes

Reduced staff

Farm Management

Year-to-year comparisons

Detailed data and reports

GPS yield mapping