Dash Paycard

Are you still cutting checks?


Why should I switch to Dash Paycard?

DashPay is a fully-managed payroll card solution that allows employers to deposit employee wages directly onto a prepaid card. Dash provides implementation, employer and employee training, onboarding, and ongoing program support at no cost to the employer or employee. In 2021, 46.4% of all households were using nonbank payment services for their wages. Many employees do not have a bank account and are forced to use a check cashing service for a fee. Providing employees with a reloadable payroll card saves them time and money. As an added benefit, employers have a simpler, safer, faster, and more attractive way to pay employees.

Cardholder benefits:

  • Easy money management with the ‘MyDashCard’ mobile app in english and spanish

  • Fee-free ATM access at over 55,000 Allpoint ATM locations nationwide

  • No need to waste time and money going to a check cashing service

  • No need to carry large amounts of cash any longer

  • Make purchases, shop online, pay bills and more

  • Freeze and unfreeze card with ease anytime

  • Transfer funds with ReadyRemit

  • Immediate access to wages

  • 24/7/365 customer support


Employer benefits:

  • Never worry about lost checks or compromised bank account information

  • Reduce administrative burden by eliminating manual processes

  • Deliver wages in an efficient and compliant manner

  • Integrates seamlessly with your payroll system

  • Save time & money by replacing cash and checks

  • No uncashed employee checks on your books

  • Compliant with payroll regulations

Deliver payments immediately, improve cash flow, and save time.
Fast, flexible and secure, payroll card programs improve efficiency, allow workers to receive wages quickly and electronically.
Fewer checks to pass out, so you can spend time on the work that matters.
A payroll card eliminates the need to wait in lines to cash checks or buy money orders. Wages are available immediately, even when the banks are closed.
Reduce risk and protect privacy with secure and compliant payment delivery.
No need to carry large amounts of cash. Lost or stolen cards can be replaced with no loss of funds (other than nominal card replacement fees), and stolen funds can be easily disputed.
There is no cost! Make it faster, easier, and more convenient to make payment.
No check-cashing fees and no more buying money orders or cashier’s checks to pay bills. A payroll card can eliminate these costs.