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Product Generation and Lineage Tracking Using Barcodes

Keeping track of thousands of samples from generation to generation through various stages of growth and development can be a challenge. 2nd Sight developed TCTrak or “Tissue Culture Trak” to solve these problems for nurseries generating plants using tissue culture propagation. TCTrak makes it easy to maintain real-time data of the product’s “lineage” and location through its lifecycle, from dish to pot to field.

The TCTrak app is flexible and accommodates various processes. The customer defines tasks and lists that tag items with important information. The intuitive TCTrak app runs on 2nd Sight’s Ruggedized Handheld Computer (RHC), which offers a robust way to scan barcodes in any environment.

TCTrak - An Easy Way to Track Assets, Track Product, and Track Inventory Using Barcodes

TCTrak is a hardware and software solution that provides full traceability of product through different stages. Using barcodes, the TCTrak app, and the RHC, the user scans an item, creates additional items from this “parent”, links the items to important information (size, type, variety, etc.), and checks items into inventory, into different locations, and out of inventory. TCTrak is a powerful tool with a simple app interface.

Override Mode: Put “original stock” into the system
Generate: Create items from a “Parent Item”
In: Check an item into a specific location
Transfer: Move an item to a new location
Out: Check an item out of the system
Inspect: Verify the status of an item

When data syncs to the online Customer Portal via Wi-Fi or cellular, the data log updates with any new information collected on the RHC. By itself, the data log is useful for searching specific item barcodes, locations, or lists. Standard and custom reports organize the data in ways that make it easy to evaluate inventory and make production and sales decisions.


  • Save time - No more hand-written logs
  • Improve accuracy - Eliminate manual data entry
  • Up-to-date records - Real-time data collection
  • Product traceability – Searchable records with date/time
  • Easy implementation - Use your own barcodes
  • Simple to use – Intuitive software
  • Quality assurance - Building a lineage using barcode labels for each jar
  • Optimize sales and eliminate waste - Better inventory counts
  • Automated reports - Analyze culture contamination and multiplication rates from each stage
  • Powerful database tool - Complete capture of information

  • Tissue culture propagation
  • Plant propagation
  • Product traceability
  • Lineage tracing
  • Asset tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Lineage tracking analysis
  • Reliable production planning
  • Efficient management of plant production
  • Contamination and multiplication rates
  • Commercial operation producing large numbers of seedlings in a defined time frame
  • Software solution for laboratories

Ruggedized Handheld Computer (RHC)

Ruggedized, portable computer that runs the TCTrak App.

  • Water and drop-resistant design
  • Robust, sunlight-readable LCD touch screen
  • Up to eight-hours of battery life
  • Extra, swappable battery for extended workdays (purchased separately)
  • Integrated barcode scanner
  • Cellular SIM card data option

TCTrak App

Android-based app that collects item barcodes and location data.

  • Autofill menus with user checks
  • High-contrast buttons and icons
  • Inspect tool for quick item look-up
  • Automatic app updates from the Google Play Store

Customer Portal

Secure website where users manage tasks, lists, locations, data, and reports.

  • Complete item audit trail
  • Simple and powerful reports
  • Easily filter data
  • Edit, add, and archive data
  • Create multiple Portal users