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Tally App for Nursery and Greenhouse Inventory Management

TallyTrak is a simple push button app for digitally counting tree sizes and is an ideal measuring tool for counting nursery, forestry, and landscaping inventory. Log height, width, diameter, or circumference in millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm), meters (m), inches (in), and feet (ft). With each count, log date, time, variety, GPS, custom location, grades, and much more!

TallyTrak is available on the Google Play Store. Contact 2nd Sight for an online Portal account. Enter or upload your own tree varieties and other custom lists of items. Sync the system and start counting. Upload the data and review totals by variety, location, and size ranges.

How does TallyTrak work?

TallyTrak App

  • Select the tree, shrub, or fruit and desired identifiers
  • Press the “plus” button to increase the count
  • Press and hold the “plus” button to enter large counts
  • Press the “minus” button to remove counts
  • Press and hold “minus” to delete specific counts (tree, shrub, or fruit) 
  • Upload the data to your web Portal account or save to a CSV file

Web Portal

  • Correct or modify the tree, shrub, or fruit records
    • Edit variety, location, grade, and more
    • Adjust the height, width, diameter, or circumference
  • View tree, shrub, or fruit reports
    • Generate reports on height, width, diameter, or circumference range
    • Generate reports on variety, location, grade, and more


TallyTrak – Nursery, Orchard, & Greenhouse Inventory Tracking

The TallyTrak is a tool to help you count nursery, forestry, and orchard tree inventory. The app records tree, plant, or fruit measurements with a date, time, and GPS location and other custom information such as variety, field, row, and grade.

Utilize other features such as custom ranges and color identification to make it easy to tie ribbons or paint tree trunks and rootstock by size. Save even more time by with the duplicate measurement feature when a group of trees, shrubs, or fruit share the same height, width, or trunk size. Manually enter the total count and press save. Logging thousands of entries a day is easy!

When in range of Wi-Fi, the app syncs field data to a secure 2nd Sight server. You can then view and download the data in CSV (comma separated values) format from your online Portal account to import into your preferred spreadsheet program or inventory software package.


  • Record tree trunk, height, and fruit measurements quickly
  • Register data electronically
  • Reduce transcription errors
  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Classify stock grade quickly on the go
  • Tag each measurement with a variety and row to easily categorize inventory
  • Download data from many internet-enabled device from the online Portal
  • Keep searchable, detailed, and organized digital records
  • Use GPS data to generate field maps
TallyTrak makes doing inventory fast, easy, and more accurate!


  • Fruit and Nut trees
  • Ornamental trees
  • Ornamental shrubs
  • Multi-Stem plants
  • Field-planted trees, bushes, and shrubs
  • Containerized plants, bushes, and shrubs
  • Forest inventory
  • Timber inventory
  • Urban tree counts
  • Tree census
  • Plants
  • Fruit
  • Crop

TallyTrak App

  • Manual data entry option
  • Count "Reset" button
  • Voice and audio indicators
  • Millimeters to inches toggle
  • Color categories and ranges
  • Intuitive, Android-based app
  • Easy "Reject multiple" feature
  • Five custom lists of information
  • High-contrast buttons and icons
  • Works with the InstaCaliper app module
  • Automatic updates from the Google Play Store