MobileClock: Personal Time Clock

Employee Time and Task Tracking Mobile App for Real-time Electronic Labor Data

Track hours and work activities on a personal mobile device using the MobileClock app. Its user-friendly interface allows any worker to clock in and out of jobs with ease so that record-keeping is no longer a headache in the office. This time-saving app is ideal for employees who may not come to a central location to start the day or perform tasks far away from the main worksite.

Get real-time, detailed records so you can organize your labor data by crop, variety, date, and location. MobileClock is a tool to manage time entry data in the field in order to gain operational insights and evaluate costs. MobileClock can stand-alone or it can be used in conjunction with other 2nd Sight labor tracking hardware and software solutions in order to maintain accurate records of all work performed at your operation.

MobileClock – Personal Time Tracking

MobileClock is more than just a time clock app. Employees can clock in and out wherever and whenever they are on the job using a mobile device. MobileClock provides records of work hours with real-time data capture and syncing to an online Customer Portal account.

Every action receives a time, date, and GPS stamp to ensure accuracy and honesty. MobileClock helps you monitor and manage your most valuable resource—your workforce. Enable MobileClock for all or specific employees on the Portal. Once an employee downloads the app and enters a pin, the worker is ready to start tracking time.

During the day, employees clock in and out of a variety of customized tasks. MobileClock makes it easy to stay compliant with labor regulations by providing several options to record paid break, unpaid break, and nonproductive time. Use MobileClock to record employee time all day in online or offline mode.

When the phone has a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, the data syncs. Run standard Daily and Pay Period reports to make payroll a breeze. Still don't have the information you need? 2nd Sight custom reports can fully automate data entry and make it simple to get labor production stats and evaluate employee performance and efficiency.


  • Simple, paperless, fast, and accurate payroll
  • Searchable, digital records
  • Use existing payroll software
  • Reports calculate hours worked and break times
  • Adaptable mobile time clock
  • User-created Tasks and Lists
  • GPS coordinates confirm timeclock locations
  • Better data for job costing
  • Year to year comparisons for improved operations management
  • Quick data upload through Wi-Fi or cellular
  • Auto-sync feature
  • Real-time data capabilities
  • Integrates with other 2nd Sight products
  • Track and record rest breaks, lunch breaks, and nonproductive time
  • Uses Cloud data storage for long-term recordkeeping

For Pickers

  • Receive a fair pay for a fair day's work.
  • Use a familiar personal device
  • Record in’s and out’s with the press of a button
  • No wasted time traveling to an office to clock in/out

For Bookkeeping & Accounting Staff

  • Organized digital records
  • No manual data entry of illegible time sheets
  • Download Pay Period Reports in CSV format
  • Use existing accounting and payroll software.
  • Searchable records
  • Clear audit trail
  • Address worker concerns quickly with printable records

For Owner/Operators

  • Pay for precise amount of time worked
  • Meet labor standards with electronic time clock records
  • Easily generate reports to compare productivity from year to year
  • Evaluate labor costs per location or cost center
  • Reduce operating costs and increase the bottom line

Collect Data to Calculate:

  • Break times
  • Nonproductive time and wages
  • Employee productivity
  • Hours worked per location
  • Hours worked per job
  • Labor expenses per cost center

Ideal for Employees who:

  • Start or end work outside of typical business hours
  • Do not work near the main office or facility
  • Perform both hourly and piecework jobs
  • Are hired for seasoinal jobs


Android app used to collect labor data.
  • Intuitive
  • GPS tagging
  • Audio indicators
  • Daily summary screen
  • Easy download and setup
  • High-contrast buttons and icons
  • Automatic software updates from the Google Play Store

Web Portal

Secure website where growers manage MobileClock employees, tasks, lists, data, reports
  • Import employee lists to save time
  • Confirm time clock entries with GPS mapping
  • Create Employee Profiles to keep track of minimum wage and break information
  • Add additional Portal users with different admin roles
  • Easily filter data
  • Set a custom pay period
  • View standard and custom reports and download them in CSV format
  • Edit, add, and delete field-collected data in the office