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Pay by Weight?

Field scale time clocks. Employees clock in and out with a badge scan. Link weight, variety, and location to pickers.

Pay by Piece?

Digital timesheets and punch card apps. Record work time and piecework jobs with a badge scan.

Pay by Hour?

Time clock apps. Track employee work time anywhere from the packing house to the field.

Ready tostreamline?save?simplify?

Who uses 2nd Sight for employee time tracking?

Ag operations of all types and sizes use 2nd Sight products to track and manage employee time and production to streamline payroll. Gain valuable insights about hourly and piecework labor. Ready for customizable digital tracking solutions? 2nd Sight offers the best automated time tracking software and hardware for farms, orchards, greenhouses, vineyards, and nurseries.

Why use 2nd Sight labor tracking software?

Still using punch cards and paper time sheets? You could save hours each day with digital labor tracking. Let software do the counting and transcribing so that you can spend more time growing your business!

How will this streamline your payroll?

Generate automated reports with a few clicks. Download and import employee hours, pieces, and break times into existing payroll software packages including Datatech, GrowPoint, AgStar, Famous, and Sage!