You will need to download and set up the zadig driver and Registration Station app on a Windows-based PC or laptop computer before assigning RFID badges.

YouTube Video: Registration Station Installation

  1. Login to the Portal
  2. Click My Account 
  3. Plug the RFID Reader/Writer USB into a port on your computer
  4. Click next to RFID Reader/Writer Driver
  5. Open or Run the program once it downloads
  6. When the zadig dialogue box opens, click Options --> List all devices
  7. In the top drop-down menu, select the option SCL3711-NFC&RW
  8. In the box to the right of the green arrow, scroll down to select libusb-win32(v1.2.6.0)
  9. Click the button that says Reinstall or Replace driver
  10. It may take a minute, but it will then show a success message
  11. Close out of the zadig dialogue box 
  12. Return to the My Account section of the Portal
  13. Next to Registration Station app, click 2.1.5
  14. Open or Run the program once it downloads
  15. Check the Create a desktop shortcut box
  16. Click Next
  17. Click Install
  18. When prompted, enter your Customer ID and Customer Secret located at the top of the My Account page of the Portal
  19. Click Register
  20. Next, login using the same credentials as your Portal account