You can purchase the InstaCaliper with three different sized caliper heads: 50mm (2"), 100mm (4"), and 150mm (6"). If you purchased the 150mm (6") caliper head, you will need to configure your app so the InstaCaliper reads tree diameters or circumferences accurately.

To configure:

  1. Launch the InstaCaliper app on your RHC
  2. Press and hold the "Config" button
  3. Press the "Gear" icon on the top right
  4. To unlock the Admin screen, enter the last four digits of the RHC Unit ID (located on the Config screen)
  5. Press "150MM DEFAULTS"
  6. Press "Done"

2nd Sight engineers determined these default offsets. We recommend doing a few tests with calibrated dowels to check that the caliper head is reading accurately with these default settings. If not, please contact 2nd Sight for more details.