Customizable Tracking System for Fruits & Vegetables

StockTrak is a modular and customizable tracking system designed for fruits and vegetables. Create an audit trail to track crops through all stages of harvest, receiving, production, processing, shipping, and distribution.

StockTrak traces movements, step by step, backwards and forwards, at any point in the supply chain. Use as a standalone system or seamlessly integrate (FairPick, FairTrak, and QuickPick) for enhanced harvest tracking detail, linking people to the produce. Know who came in contact, exactly where and when, all the way from the field to the store.

Track Produce (Fruits & Vegetable) Using RFIDs and Barcodes

StockTrak is a hardware and software solution that provides full traceability of product through different stages of harvest, processing, packaging and shipping. Using RFIDs and barcodes, the StockTrak app, and the handheld computer, the user scans an item to log and event in a process. Items can be linked to important information (size, type, variety, etc.), and checks items into inventory, into different locations, and out of the facility. StockTrak is a powerful tool with a customizable app interface.

  • In: Start tracking
  • Out: Stop tracking
  • Generate: Divide a bin/crate into clamshells and bags.
  • Transfer: Move a pallet/bin to another location
  • Add & Remove: Pack and unpack pallets

When data syncs to the online Customer Portal via Wi-Fi or cellular, the data log updates with any new information collected on the RHC. By itself, the data log is useful for searching specific item barcodes and RFIDs, locations, or lists. Standard and custom reports organize the data in ways that make it easy to evaluate inventory and make production and sales decisions.


  • Save time - No more hand-written logs
  • Improve accuracy - Eliminate manual data entry
  • Up-to-date records - Real-time data collection
  • Product traceability – Searchable records with date/time
  • Easy implementation - Use your own barcodes
  • Simple to use – Intuitive software
  • Better inventory counts
  • Automated reports - Analyze each stage
  • Powerful database tool - Complete capture of information

  • Lineage tracing
  • Asset tracking
  • Food safety
  • Inventory management
  • Lineage tracking analysis
  • Tissue culture propagation
  • Tree and plant propagation
  • Product traceability
  • Supply chain efficiency

Ruggedized Handheld Computer (RHC)

Ruggedized, portable computer that runs the StockTrak App.

  • Water and drop-resistant design
  • Robust, sunlight-readable LCD touch screen
  • Up to eight-hours of battery life
  • Extra, swappable battery for extended workdays (purchased separately)
  • Integrated barcode scanner
  • Cellular SIM card data option

StockTrak App

Android-based app that collects item barcodes and location data.

  • Voice and audio indicators
  • Intuitive, Android-based app
  • Custom information
  • High-contrast custom buttons and icons
  • Automatic updates from the Google Play Store

Customer Portal

Secure website where users manage tasks, lists, locations, data, and reports.

  • Complete item audit trail
  • Simple and powerful reports
  • Easily filter data
  • Edit, add, and archive data
  • Create multiple Portal users