Measure & Count

Caliper and count field and container nursery inventory. Record measurements variety, field, row, grade, and more.


Track & Trace

Track produce and tissue culture through production and processing. Register traceability and lineage information.

Ready tosimplify?streamline?save?

Who uses 2nd Sight for counting and tracking?

Ag and nursery operations of all types and sizes use 2nd Sight products to track and manage inventory to streamline production. Gain valuable insights about stock counts, inventory location, and traceability records. Ready for customizable digital tracking solutions? 2nd Sight offers the best automated tracking software and hardware for farms, greenhouses, nurseries, packing houses, and tissue culture operations.

Why use 2nd Sight product tracking software?

Hand-counting and manual data entry are time-consuming tasks. Counting and tracking your inventory digitally generates precise data in real-time. Accurate information at your fingertips allows you to make informed decisions quickly. Let software do the work so that you can spend more time growing your business!

How will this streamline your inventory tracking?

Access information from any internet-enabled computer, laptop, or tablet. Generate automated reports with a few clicks. Download totals by item, location, type, and process. Track production stages by date and time. Use 2nd Sight reports and import data into existing software packages including eGrow, GrowPoint, and SBI!